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October events


TELL Oct Pub Quiz Shibuya

WED, Oct 3 AT 8 PM
Hobgoblin Pubs Japan (Shibuya, Tokyo)Shibuya
More info: https://telljp.com/october-pub-quiz/, https://www.facebook.com/events/530867424115907/

F1 Race Night For RIJ
Friday October 4, 18.30 – 23.00
Get in the mood ahead of the Japan F1 Grand Prix at Suzuka.
Reservations of teams of 4 or individuals will be placed in a team
Your donation will make an impact on someone’s life
¥25,000 can provide vocational training for a refugee setting up a business in Nairobi, Kenya
¥10,000 can cover the costs of a basic literacy course for a refugee in Nairobi, Kenya
These opportunities can totally change someone’s future
Details: https://rij-npo.org/en/fundraising/f1-race/

Tokyo Jokeyo 8
Thursday Oct 10 8pm ~ 10pm
The eighth Tokyo Jokyo English language open mic comedy night at the Meguro Tavern!
A free open mic comedy night, for which anyone can sign up, hosted by the Meguro Tavern, a short walk from Meguro station. If you would like a 5 minute spot either sign up on the night or please leave a message on the discussion part of this page.
FIND OUT MORE: https://www.facebook.com/events/2367354886840955/

Nerd Nite Tokyo #37
Friday October 11, doors open 19:30, start 20:00
Every month we gather 3 smart speakers and a curious crowd.
Drinks (both alcoholic and non) and food from Tiny Peace Kitchen will be available. Eat, drink and be square-y! Kids are also welcome at Nerd Nite.
Where: Nagatacho GRID B1F (map)
Price: ¥1000 on the door
Facebook event page with details https://www.facebook.com/events/2661566843855455/
About Nerd Nite Tokyo https://www.facebook.com/nerdnitetokyo/

Bauhaus Lantern Festival
Sun., Oct. 13
The Bauhaus Lantern Festival will illuminate the Goethe-Institut Tokyo with artistically designed lanterns, lamps and projections. The event is a reference to one of the first festivals at the historical Bauhaus, which in turn was inspired by Asian festivals. Suitable for English-speaking audiences. Price: Free.
At Goethe-Institut Tokyo, 7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052.
Organized by: Goethe-Institut lhttp://www.goethe.de/ins/jp/ja/index.html

Place to Grow: Pub Quiz !
Thursday, Oct 17, 7:30 PM until late!
Hobgoblin Roppongi · Minato, Tokyo
Bring a team of 4 or come as an individual to put your knowledge to the test while supporting a great cause. Get ready for a night full of fierce competition, great prizes, plenty of beer, and guaranteed fun!
Entry is ¥3,000 (¥2,000 will go to PTG and you would be supporting the purchase of 3 Christmas stockings gifted to the kids of Tohoku in December) and you also get two free drinks!
If you can join us please RSVP to Andrew Abbey who will make sure we have a table reserved for you group (or we find you a friendly team to join if you're coming alone).
To find out more, please check out our website : http://www.placetogrow-ngo.org/
Event page with updates https://www.facebook.com/events/509616416440828/

Concentrated Creativity Retreat
Saturday, October 18 through Sunday, October 20
Join us for a weekend retreat to write, draw, edit, or ponder and plan. Rooms are still available! Whatever it is you want to work on, bring it along and treat yourself to time, peace and quiet, and some progress.

2019 Monthly Sports Workshops in Minamisanriku/Kesennuma) Place To Grow
Sunday, Oct 19
2019-2020 workshop theme is health and wellness/sports for children - volunteers focus on creating experiences that foster communication and physical movement skills
Monthly sports camps: All monthly sports camps lead to the Santa Soul Train Project (December 6-8th) a weekend long series of events that bring the communities together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl2QFDkXeZg&t=138s
FIND OUT MORE: https://www.facebook.com/events/617906558710074/

Peace Boat: Peace Boat is a NGO/NPO that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment. Peace Boat seeks to create awareness and action based on effecting positive social and political change in the world. For more information, please contact www.peaceboat.org.

I Am Jane: No other crime is handled so badly by the criminal justice system as rape and no other serious crime is more under-reported. I Am Jane is a group that provides solutions to the growing rape pandemic. Anyone who has questions, wishes to inform us of any incidents or wants to advise us on useful information is welcome to join. Details of incidents and confidential information will not be published. For more information, please visit www.iamjane.org.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are available in Tokyo for anyone with a desire to stop drinking. Meetings are free of charge. Dates and times vary so please visit www.aatokyo.org/, email jordan28jordan1@gmail.com or call 080-4355-2285 for details.

For Empowering Women: we welcome you to join our network For Empowering Women (FEW), and to begin building your professional and social network. We offer monthly events incorporating many different topics from lectures to social outings and volunteering. For more information, please visit www.fewjapan.com.

For Empowering Women Kansai: FEW is an organization for foreign women in Japan. Dinner meetings feature a variety of guest speakers, usually held at the Hilton Hotel Osaka in Umeda on the last Thursday of each month. The organization also organizes monthly events that provide professional and personal support. For more information, please email few@fewkansai.com or visit www.fewkansai.com.

A Dream a Day in Tokyo: We provide weeklong, expenses-paid vacations to kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families. We welcome volunteers and supporters. For more information, please mail contact@guesthouse.or.jp or visit guesthouse.or.jp/?lang=en.
Living Dreams: We are a nonprofit organization striving to rebuild, enrich and empower orphans both in Tokyo and Tohoku. Fore more information, please visit www.livingdreams.jp.

Tokyo Comedy Store’s Stand-up Comedy Workshop: Want to learn about humor? Want to be funnier in life, with your friends, or just in general? Maybe you even want to try getting on stage? Come to the Tokyo Comedy Store’s Stand-up Comedy Workshop! For more information, please visit www.tokyocomedy.com/standup_workshops.

Tokyo Vegan MeetUp: Held once a month (time and place varies). Please check the Tokyo For more details, please visit www.meetup.com/vegan-389.

College Women’s Association of Japan: CWAJ is an organization for women committed to education, cross-cultural exchange and friendship. CWAJ holds monthly luncheons with interesting speakers and has several special interests groups such as hiking, Japanese conversation, trips and tours, music and ceramics. It’s a great way to meet new people and become involved! See www.cwaj.org.

Dance with the Disabled: Body & Mind is aiming to open our body and mind through dance. Under the guidance of Natsu Nakajima, a professional Butoh dancer, anyone can participate. There are three locations in Tokyo and classes are held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Each class consists of movement for relaxation, group-work and improvisation dance. Yotsuya class: second and fourth Saturdays, Yotsuya Hiroba Gallery Lamp. Suginami class: first and third Saturdays, Koenji Shogaisha Koryu Kan. Machida class: first and third Wednesday, Tamagawa Bunka Center. Fee: ¥1,500 per class. For more information, please visit www.geocities.jp/mutekisha/index1-e.html, email nnakajima7@ams.odn.ne.jp or call 042-391-4087.

Kyoto Journal: KJ showcases poetry that is Asia-related and “out of the ordinary.” Submission guidelines are available here: www.kyotojournal.org/submit-to-kj. For more information, please visit www.kyotojournal.org/fiction-poetry.

Mirai no Mori helps marginalised youth in the outdoors - find out more  http://mirai-no-mori.jp
Contact us by email: info@mirai-no-mori.jp
Find out more about  Mirai no Mori : https://mirai-no-mori.jp/

Run For The Cure
Find out more: https://rftcjapan.org/

Green Peace Japan
They have a number of events and timely reports about food safety, seafood sustainability, the opening of nuclear power plants in Japan. Find out more here: http://www.greenpeace.org/japan/ja/news/
about Green Peace International http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/

350.org Japan has a lot going on! Join this grassroots effort to protect our planet.
Lets divest campaign: https://letsdivest.jp/
Find out more : http://world.350.org/ja/

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Training programs and publlic seminars

Training Programs
FALL 2019 Lifeline Support Worker Training
Lifeline Support Worker training! Want to take on a new challenge and develop new skills while giving something back to the community? Then maybe the Lifeline Support Worker Training is for you!  Training begins with an intensive 10 week "in class" period teaching client centered counseling skills and how to use them effectively on both the phone and through livechat. Training runs from September 29th to December 8th, with 3 mandatory sessions scheduled for Sundays (Sept 29th; Nov 10th; Dec 8th). Please see www.telljp.com for more details or contact Jane at training@telljp.com
Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ)
Continuing Education offers non-credit courses designed to meet the diverse educational objectives of students.

Tsuda Open University, Global education for sustainable development (GESD) program
Sustainable  Development Goals  (Saturday mornings)
Writing on International Development Issues (Thursday nights)
Find out more: https://tou.tsuda.ac.jp/placement/

Diversity Dojo
See the Diversity Dojo Facebook page for updates: www.facebook.com/DiversityDojo.

Japan Fundraising Association
Events and training programs  http://jfra.jp/frj/

Sophia University, Institute of Comparative Culture events 
  • Rapid Religious Change: American Southern Millennial’s Changing Views about Same-Sex Marriage
    18:00-19:30, October 3rd, 2019
    J. Derrick Lemons (University of Georgia in Athens)
  • Venue: Sophia University, Bldg. 10, 3F, Rm 301
  • Language: English / No registration necessary
AJJ (Anthropology of Japan in Japan) will hold its Autumn Conference at Meiji Gakuin (Totsuka Campus), on 31 November/1 December 2019. The theme of this year's conference is "Japan and the relevance of area studies today". We would like to focus on the meaning of Japanese Studies in the changing world and the new academic study areas that develop in the last decade, and to investigate new paths and concepts for the future. Please submit abstracts (250 word limit) to ajjanthrojapan at gmail dot com. Deadline for Presentations: 31 October 2019. Deadlines for Panels: 15 October 2019 (Late applications might be fitted in, but not guaranteed). Find out more: http://www.ajj-online.net/www.ajj-online.net/Blog/Entries/2019/8/6_Fall_AJJ_Meeting_CFP.html

German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) (https://www.dijtokyo.org/access/)
  • Thursday, September 12 at 6:30 P.M.
  • Wielding Toxic Discourse: Insanity in the Nuclear Narratives of Chernobyl and Fukushima
  • The Politics of Migration in Japan Tuesday, September 17  Start 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 19, 18.30 – 20.00
    DIJ Forum on Renewable Energy in Germany and Japan - Prospects for the Citizen Energy Movement
  • Registration is mandatory.
  • Please find further information including the full program online (https://www.dijtokyo.org/
Community Theater & Arts News
Tokyo Sinfonia - 2019 events
  • 2019.9.18  ワーグナー セレナーデ シャンパンコンサート    19:00  王子ホール 
  • Gluck Serenade champagne concert   Wed. 19:00   Oji Hall  (Ginza)
  • 2019.10.17  アントンハン シャブロフ 客演指揮セレナーデ    19:00  王子ホール (銀座)
  • Anton Shaburov Guest Conductor Serenade champagne concert   Thu. 19:00   Oji Hall
  • 2019.11.15  ドイツ セレナーデ 3コースディナーコンサート  18:30 日本外国特派員協会
  • German Serenade dinner-concert   Fri. 18:30   Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan  (Nijubashi)
  • 2019.12.18  ラフマニノフ セレナーデ シャンパンコンサート    19:00  王子ホール (銀座)
  • Rachmaninov Serenade champagne concert   Wed. 19:00   Oji Hall  (Ginza)
    Sinfonia direct tickets@tokyosinfonia.com
    Paypal online www.paypal.jp/tokyosinfonia.com
    You can purchase tickets online using the convenience of peatix or paypal. You may also contact the Tokyo Sinfonia directly by phone or 
    email at tickets@tokyosinfonia.com
    so we can look after you personally.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fall greetings

Fall 2019 Tokyo Community News - Sept / Oct edition
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Welcome to September –

Hope you had a good summer – even tho summer is not quite over yet

To whose of you who joined the July CSR panel – thanks for your support! To those of you who are new to this listing – welcome! For the long time supporters,  we have some changes a foot.

September is always a good time for new starts. This month, I am updating the format of the newsletter so it will include more 1) than 1 months info 2) general info and 3)online  resource links. The e-newsletter will be sent out less often – just more info.  The changes are basically due to time,  In 2020 i hope to have an intern help get this out more often. (Have a student who might be interested in nonprofit research - let me know!)

This fall I will be doing more corporate community engagement programs as well as more on conflict mediation. if you would like to know more - drop me a line! Come 2020, i hope to have several new projects taking off.

In the meantime, i hope to see you at one of the events below !
Warm regards,

Women of the World March Tokyo (WoW Tokyo) https://www.facebook.com/groups/197623700694595
To have your community events listed in late Oct, please send your event information by 10/15

The Online version http://tokyo-community-news.blogspot.jp/
Women of the World March Tokyo (WoW Tokyo) https://www.facebook.com/groups/197623700694595/
My work: https://sarajeanrossitto.wordpress.com/
Send outline of event info including links to rose.ito (at) gmail (dot) com 
You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list

TELL Tokyo Talkie Walkie: Suicide Prevention Walk 2019
Tuesday Sept 10, from 7 p.m.
Walk with us and talk with us for World Suicide Prevention Day! We will be walking to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health.
Meeting point: Omotesando Station, Exit B4, in front of Mizuho Bank
Route: We'll walk from Omotesando to Yoyogi Park, where we'll stop and have a candlelight vigil.
We'll have canvas bags for participants, and you will have the opportunity to talk with people and hand out information cards if you feel comfortable doing so. Donation of 1000 yen requested to help cover the cost of materials. FIND OUT MORE: https://www.facebook.com/events/2480225088736966/

FUNDING FOR INNOVATION - Know a university student who would be interested in exploring solutions to some of the world's toughest problems, building the skills to launch a successful venture, or having the chance to win $20K in funding? Are you THAT student?  The Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Student Social Innovation Challenge, a global challenge platform for university students to come together and develop innovative solutions to problems of poverty
Online information session about the Challenge on Tuesday, September 10th at 10 am PST
Sign up now & find out more !

US-JAPAN JOB OPPORTUNITY - Japanese Woman's Leadership Initiative Program Manager based in Tokyo
the application deadline: September 9th Boston Time – that’s the morning of Sept 10 Japan time!
JWLI has been expanding— with the Champion of Change Japan Award in 2017, and the JWLI Bootcamp. In order to continue to empower women in Japan, JWLI needs a Program Manager based in Tokyo, Japan. If you know someone who might be a good fit for this position, please feel free to share the information. Application details and job description are found here http://jwli.org/jwliprogrammanager/


LISTEN UP: Addressing Assumptions & Perspectives for better Communication
Saturday September 21 2019 9:30-11:30
Facilitated by Sarajean Rossitto and Andrew O'Brien
WHERE: Akasaka Community Center, 5F Study Room Kensyushitsu 研修室
Akasaka 4−18−13 Minato, Tokyo, 〒107-0052
NEAREST STATION: Akasaka Mitsuke on the Ginza and Marunouchi Lines.
Access map https://www.kissport.or.jp/sisetu/akasaka/shisetsu/access.html
GOOGLE MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/4gMg2A4E6fLMyRP9A
**When you arrive, please look for the PSC sign on the event board
FEE: 4,000 yen advance registration by Friday Sept 13 OR 6,000 yen payment for registration after Sept 13
HOW: Register online https://forms.gle/YShzPXbBGocEXe3z5
FOR MORE INFO please contact: Rose.ito@gmail.com
Find out more https://www.facebook.com/events/499974757459094/

Start your own nonprofit!
Sunday Sept 29 1:30-4:30 (Doors open at 1:20 and close at 5:00)
A workshop for anyone interested in nonprofits, volunteering or better managing a group they currently support. It is a hands-on introduction to knowledge and skills needed to run nonprofit NGOs.
We aim to: 1) Promote a greater understanding of how nonprofit organizations work; and 2) Develop basic knowledge and skills to start up your Nonprofit/NGO.
Facilitated by Sarajean Rossitto, Nonprofit NGO organizational development consultant
To register visit https://forms.gle/7cDivcmeQ7nHUSFz7 - https://forms.gle/7cDivcmeQ7nHUSFz7
Facebook page with updates https://www.facebook.com/events/2447523472130143/
Venue: Arisu Iki-iki Plaza Multi Purpose Roomありすいきいきプラザ/多目的室
4-6-7 Minamiazabu, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0047
Nearest Station: Hiro on the Hibiya Line.
Access map: http://business.central.co.jp/care/trust/siteikan_unei_jutaku/ailis/
FEE: 7,000 yen by Sat Sept 21, 10,000 yen after 9/21
For more information please contact: Rose.ito@gmail.com

Tsuda Open University, Global education for sustainable development (GESD) program
Information session: Sept 12 and 19 from 7pm at TOU Sendagaya Campus
Find out more: https://tou.tsuda.ac.jp/placement/
Current Issues in International Development   (Saturday mornings)
Details: https://ssl2.smart-academy.net/tsuda/course/detail/968/
Project Based Writing  (Thursday nights)
Details: https://ssl2.smart-academy.net/tsuda/course/detail/969/

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ)
Continuing Education offers non-credit courses designed to meet the diverse educational objectives of students.
Fall registration deadline => Sept 9
NGO management course: NGO 212 Japanese Society & Nonprofit Organizations, Monday nights, starting Sept 30th
Get more info and sign up here => https://www.tuj.ac.jp/cont-ed/courses/professional/NGO212.html
Info about all the courses => https://www.tuj.ac.jp/cont-ed/courses/schedules-tokyo.html