Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updates for supporting people in Pakistan

More on how you can Help people in Pakistan!

It is estimated that 20 million Pakistanis have been affected by the worst disaster in decades. International agencies and NGOs have been struggling with limited resources to help the more than 8million who have urgent needs.

You can make a difference by

1. Finding out more 2. Sharing information about the disaster 3. Making a donation.

Below are some links for those you wanting to support the Pakistani people:

Disaster information and updates:

Updates on giving from Relief Web

Pakistan Streamlines Donation Procedures, Seeks More Aid

List of organizations working in Pakistan that need your help

Japanese NGO sites for donations:

OXFAM Japan http://oxfam.jp/2010/08/post_327.html

You can make donations to local organizations involved in humanitarian relief in Pakistan on the Give one website: http://www.giveone.net/cp/pg/TopPage.aspx Due to the security situation, few Japanese NGOs currently have offices active in Pakistan so the currently only AMDA and Japan Platform are listed.

Ekokoro also has information about groups providing emergency support services: http://www.ekokoro.jp/ngo/emergency.html

International nonprofit aid and relief Organizations:

Islamic Relief USA: Donate here.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society: [Contact Information]

UNHCR: Donate here.

UNICEF: Donate here

Plan International: donate here.

Medical Corps: donate here.

IRC (The International Rescue Committee): donate here.

Oxfam [donation link]

Canadian Red Cross [donation link]

U.S. Fund for UNICEF: [online donation link]

DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal: [donation link]

Doctors without Borders: [donation link]

Doctors of the world Japon: donation link http://www.mdm.or.jp/donation/select.php

Give2Asia Pakistan Flood Relief Fund: [donation link]