Saturday, December 05, 2015

SEVEN - Tokyo 2016 - Join us!

As part of the MARCH TO MARCH and International Women’s Day 2016, Sarajean Rossitto and Rachel Walzer are happy to announce the Black Stripe Theater presentation of the internationally acclaimed documentary play SEVEN in mid-April 2016.   Want to be part of this exciting experience? Join our initial meeting on Dec 19, at 5:30-7:30pm! 

Final auditions will take place in January but we would like all interested - even if you have no theater experience - to join one of our teams! Please sign up here:

More info about the meeting will be sent to everyone to signs up.

SEVEN tells the true stories of seven women who bravely fought for the
well-being of women, families, and children around the globe:
- in Russia, protecting women from domestic violence;
- in Cambodia, rescuing girls from human trafficking;
- in Guatemala, giving voice to the poor;
- in Afghanistan, empowering rural women;
- in Nigeria and Pakistan, fighting for women’s education and rights;
- in Northern Ireland, promoting peace and equality.

We are looking for:
- At least 7 women actors from various backgrounds and of
various ages. Non-native English speakers who are comfortable
communicating in English are most welcome.
- A production team to help with scheduling, costumes, music, & performance support.
- Singers, dancers, various artists.  Persons with experience in choreography also encouraged to join. All genders, ages and nationalities welcome!
- A diverse promotion team to help with ticket sales, PR, outreach & marketing to embassies, universities and international organizations as well as the general public.

Any questions? contact us  seventheplaytokyo (at) gmail (dot)com